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 1) You need to have him checked as soon after any trauma or accident as possible.

2) Even though your horse may not need radiographs, he will need energy balancing. Getting him treated fast will make all the difference. 


3) He has pain at the base of the neck, around the girth, wither area, back, or flinches when you press under his tail area ·

 4) He has pain in the neck area, or holds his head to one side. ·

5) There is an irregularity in the gaits, especially in the canter or lope. ·Won't take one lead.

6) He spooks suddenly for no apparent reason.  ·


7) He bucks or bolts for no apparent reason. · 

8) He drops out behind, feels like a flat tire. ·

9) Your stirrups always feel uneven, no matter how much you adjust them

 10) He doesn’t track up, or his hind legs stride very close ·

11) May drag one or more of his feet, or have a hard time picking them up ·  May give the farrier a very hard time · 

The list can go on and on, but a timely balancing treatment can go a long way to prevent future lameness.  



Dr. Lauren has been professionally helping horses for over 30 years

She is partially retired but will never stop caring about them and doing whatever she is able. Her husband Raymond is an integral part of her business and travels with her.


Dr. Lauren is a licensed veterinarian

She has studied Acupuncture, Non-Force Chiropractic, Equine bio-mechanics, classical riding, and many other ways of approaching problems in her patients. She will be glad to evaluate your animals and do what is best for them.

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30 years or so ago, my wonderful Mustang, Center, and I, fell over this cliff as the trail collapsed under us. I thought I was probably going to die. I did not nor did he, but something wasn't right with my horse and it became an obsession to help him.

I tried to locate the problem myself and with every specialist I could find to no avail. I finally took a short course in Acupuncture, fixed my horse by accident and suddenly realized that I had to learn more about this method of healing. It became my life's work from then on.

I began a serious study of acupuncture and continued to learn serious Classical riding techniques to properly develop a horse. I also continued endurance riding at every opportunity. I limited my practice to Equines and continued and expanded my learning to Non-Force Chiropractic, and Energy Medicine.

I have been forever amazed at how effective these methods can be in relieving pain and restoring many animals to total functionality. I have enjoyed my life's work with my whole heart and love my patients beyond measure.  

While I am partially retired and now take appointments mostly on weekends. I am still anxious to keep my regular clients and their horses in top shape. We will go in most places in California and especially like  working with multiple horses. Most anything can be arranged. We also see horses who can trailer in to Clovis to the Wilson barn. Please call for an appointment.


Call 559-593-9394  or use Facebook Messenger. We will either come to your ranch or you can visit us at the Wilson Ranch. Plenty of room to turn around.  Usually that will be on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. We love working on your horses.

The fees can vary quite a bit depending on travel. but usually range from $150 to $200. Dramatic changes can occur from one treatment, but we prefer to schedule a follow up if possible. 

Please check out my e books on the following page.


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We love our patients and their owners and caretakers. Does 

Acupuncture work? Yes. Does Non-Force Chiropractic work? Yes

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