We Make Horses Smile!

Relieving Equine Pain With Innovative Acupuncture Patches

We Make Horses Smile!

We make horses smile—and sometimes, go to sleep, relieving their pain with acupuncture patches. They will all fall in love with Pasture Raymond, who will show them the spiritual side of horsemanship.

Eighty to ninety percent of back pain in horses has its roots in the cramping of the iliopsoas muscle complex. Instantaneous relaxation of this anatomical structure serves as a real-life reset button in the horse.

We Can Teach You To Do This Too!

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This thermal image is from a study I did for Lifewave in 2012 with 57 horses. This particular horse had one of the most dramatic results. This was an elderly horse and had severe arthritis and had a lot of pain. We were amazed to see the results of just two sets of Lifewave patches. In just 10 minutes, you can see the red turn to green, which indicates inflammation as well as pain being suppressed. This horse lived another year comfortably. Take a look at Lifewave.com and please join under my name Dr. DeRock (674741).