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Does Acupuncture Work?

Reset the Performance Buttons on your Horse

Welcome to our site. We help horses. Dr, Lauren DeRock is a veterinarian who has devoted most of her life to horses. Over 35 years she has worked out the basic secrets of keeping the horse pain free and happy. She has found that if you go to the underlying causes of pain and misery and reset these areas, the rest of the body will most often reset itself. The primary dysfunction occurs in the Iliopsoas muscle complex with its origin at the Thoracic vertebra 12 or higher in some, and its insertion on the medial side of the femur, or thigh bone. This muscle is UNDER the spine, but affects both muscles and bones above it. This muscle sets up, off and on, random spasms which affects the rest of the horse and if not relieved it will cause crooked movement and eventually contra-lateral damage and lameness. More than likely, since the crookedness affects the huge Sacrosciatic ligament, it also causes Sciatica. After treating literally thousands of horses, Dr. Lauren can attest to the fact that it can make horses go crazy. They will eventually shutdown, or be so miserable they can become dangerous. This can be fixed, the sooner, the better the results. If your trainer is continuing to tell you "he's traveling on the forehand", you can bet your horse needs help. He would change if he could. But he CAN'T. Its probably not your fault.

LET US HELP HIM. We will also give you exercises to condition this muscle. 

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